Diecast Model Cars - A History

There is quite a long history of craftsmen building detailed miniature replicas of transport vehicles and machinery, but it wasn't until 1934 that diecast model cars and lorries arrived on the market in any great numbers. (Read More)

The Art of Diecast Collecting

Collecting Diecast Vehicles is not just a passion it's also a history lesson. Collecting diecast vehicles consists of acquiring specific items based on your particular interests, such as airplanes, cars, trains, ship models, etc. (Read More)

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    The Collectible Toy Car Market
    The diecast marketplace gained a new member seven years ago with the unlikely appearance of Jada Toys. The beginner brand began humbly but swiftly gained astounding interest due to the development of its style and trendy new design concepts. (Read More)
    A Fun Hobby For Folks Of All Ages
    Almost everyone has played with diecast vehicles when they were a young child. When I went to grade school my friends and I collected ' Hot Wheels ' cars. We would make race tracks and construction zones in the dirt piles out back of our school and play with the vehicles at recess time. (Read More)
    The Collectors' Guide to Making a Profit
    Millions of people have made a hobby of collecting items of one sort or another, but some take it to a higher level.
    These collectors view their collections as more than just an accumulation of trinkets that they happen to enjoy... (Read More)
    Searching for those Hard-to-Find Diecast Models
    For collectors of any kind, there are always those items that are much sought after, but nearly impossible to find.
    If they’re lucky enough to finally locate them, the price is often exorbitant or there are some other restrictions which inhibit their ability to secure them. (Read More)


































    Diecast Toy Trucks
    For those who are considering starting a diecast toy truck collection, here are some points to consider. (Read More)
    Collecting Old Corgi Cars A Blast From The Past
    Collecting diecast cars from the past is a hobby that is not just fun, its a whole window to the not so long, but in today's world, a now distant past.
    The story of one of these manufacturers, Corgi is an interesting one. (Read More)
    More Popular Than Ever
    One broad hobby that encompasses many walks of life is collecting. It is such a broad hobby because collections can be comprised of almost anything that pleases the collector. A popular collector item is cars, however, this is also a broad topic.
    (Read More)
    Pleasure or Passion?
    If you enjoy tinkering with diecast models as a hobby, here are some great tips for finding model kits and building them... (Read More)
    Quality Diecast Cars
    One can find many opportunities to build a collection simply by logging on to Ebay. Alternatively, one can sell parts or entire collections through the same venue. All it takes is a computer, digital camera, and a little know how to become a successful diecast merchant on the internet. (Read More)
    Some Of The Newer Lines Of Collectible Cars
    In today's modern market of video games and computer overuse, there is a concept being revived in popular culture: the collectible car. (Read More)