A Look At Some Of The Newer Lines Of Collectible Cars
By Gregg Hall

Diecast - A Look At Some Of The Newer Lines Of Collectible CarsFor all of those who retire to the television for hours at a time to gaze at colorful machines whizzing around an asphalt track, the idea of taking a front seat to the action is quite enticing. However, for most this is just a childhood or even grown up fantasy which is unlikely to result in the shifting of gears and pit stops to frantically change smoky tires.

For some, there may be a way to quench, or at least wet, the thirst for first hand NASCAR excitement: diecast cars.

In today's modern market of video games and computer overuse, there is a concept being revived in popular culture: the collectible car. While many may remember the days of the matchbox car, few children today can appreciate the true popularity that was once there. With the dawn of a new miniature car series, this notion may change. Kids may just hang up their joysticks and stop to take in the most recent release from Racing Champions.

Who can turn down a good duplicate? Americans everywhere enjoy the hobby of collecting valuables, and sometimes not so valuables. Mini cars are no exception. In the Ebay age, collections have ranged anywhere from Beanie Babies all the way to cigars.

In an almost revival effort, Racing Champions has introduced a new mini car line geared at both a collector's audience as well as an audience of kids who like cars.

NASCAR driver Rich Bickle partnered with well known restaurant Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits in announcing a new line of diecast collectible cars which will feature the signature #91 style renowned to Bickle fans. The new series is targeted at NASCAR fans of all ages who can appreciate the value of striking miniature reproductions.

Youngsters may value the cars for the cool look or simply to crash into their other matchbox cars or slide down their car racing tracks. The vibrant animated appearance will surely please the eyes of kids while the fine detail will tickle the fancy of serious car lovers.

The reproduction is uncanny and the vivid colors and movable parts will entice even the most discriminating collectors. Bickle has partnered with Ed Smith of Ironworks and Jon Luther of Popeyes to create the line, and the shared expectation is that cars will fly off of store shelves and into collections nationwide.


American Mint!

This type of pop culture memorabilia gives character to a society. While some families pass down fine jewelry, other pass down collectible cars. To some it may seem frivolous, but to the man who watched NASCAR with his father and grandfather, these items are priceless.

For anxious collectors these cars can be purchased online at a variety of sites.

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