Why Collecting Diecast Cars Is More Popular Than Ever
By Gregg Hall

Why Collecting Diecast Cars Is More Popular Than EverThere are a wide variety of hobbies that people take up to fill their spare time. Hobbies can range from activities such as knitting or drawing to rebuilding computers and cars. One broad hobby that encompasses many walks of life is collecting. It is such a broad hobby because collections can be comprised of almost anything that pleases the collector. A popular collector item is cars, however, this is also a broad topic. Collectors may accumulate luxury cars, old cars to be restored, or even miniature car replicas. The latter being the most wallet friendly and easy to store makes it a very common collectible item.

If one's interest lies with miniature cars, diecast cars will certainly be visible on their radar. More specifically, NASCAR diecast cars are often sought after by collectors. However, for the novice collector, the cost of building up a NASCAR diecast collection can be quite pricey. Some collectors argue that spending a portion of their life savings to maintain their collection robs them of their enjoyment. One option these collectors have is to seek bargains on Ebay. While some sellers may hike their prices in order to turn a large profit on the mega internet trading website, others are in it for the love of collecting. Therefore, one stands a decent chance at finding NASCAR diecast at affordable prices so that their desire of owning a collection may be satiated. So how does an inexperienced collector differentiate good deals from rip-offs?


Firstly, one must consider the specifications and features of the car before determining its value. The main specification in determining the price of diecast cars is the size, and, as most things go, bigger size means bigger price tag.

For a few reasons the 1/64 scale is an excellent way to get started collecting diecast cars: they are low-priced and easy to store. A good way to get started is to buy in bulk lots. In this way one gets a good amount of cars for a reasonable price and they can then be displayed in a case or on shelving without looking bare. If you are on the opposite end of the collector spectrum and are considering selling some or all of your cars, selling in bulk lots is also a great option. Ebay is a great place to get started buying and/or selling lots, just remember to include ample pictures and thorough descriptions in order to get the most bidders.



There are options for more savvy collectors who desire a more advanced collection. The 1/24 and 1/8 scale cars are more expensive than the 1/64 scale, but they are bigger and often have movable hoods and doors which add a realistic aspect. There are different styles of 1/24 cars such as the Sprint, Nextel, and Craftsman series. All of these series boast quality detail, but the Craftsman series is harder to find because the demand is lower than those of the other series. The 1/8 scale cars are the most expensive and are much larger than the other scales. If space is an issue, consider where you will store these models before purchasing them.

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